Technically, I’ve been dress shopping three times now.  Once with my future sisters’-in-law and twice with an awesome college friend.  The first time, we went to Traditions by Anna which is this great boutique in North Hills where the dresses are way outside of my financial parameters… but they were having a sample sale!!  How could a bargain shopper such as myself pass up a sale that was boasting 50% off??!!  So we went and basically we were able to narrow down what style of dresses I didn’t like…. Which was a huge help!  Part of me wanted a ballgown – I mean, what other time in a gal’s life do you get to wear a big poofy white dress?!  never!  So carpe diem ladies!

Reema Acra Fall 2010 Collection

After trying on a few of the princess-style, I found that even though I love them, they just don’t flatter my body.  Oh well!  On to the next style….

I had a feeling I was going to like the fit and flare style the best (otherwise known as mermaid, or trumpet).  This style just hugs your body and can really flatter most any figure.  I tried on an organza dress with a rose applice right at the skirt where it flared out – loved it!!  The way the material was gathered across the body was so figure flattering! 

Jenny Lee 2011 Collection

So the first trip was a huge sucess!  I was able to start narrowing down my options.  The next trip was an impromptu “You-need-to-go-to-David’s-Bridal-at-least-once!!” trip with my college friend.  So I made us an appointment (the day of our trip, and yes, you do need an appointment at David’s) and I was able to try on even more mermaid style dresses.  I found two very pretty dresses that I like but I just wasn’t super excited about either one.  I mean, if the world was ending and I had to pick one of them, I would be fine with it…. but nothing “wow-ed” me.  So on to our next trip…

Most recently my friend and I went to Lana Addison, a super cute boutique in Cary.  Personally, I love Lana Addison because the salon is all done in purple – my favorite color!  I tried on a few more mermaid-style dresses and fell in love with one dress (& veil) in particular!  Oh my gosh – this dress fits all my criteria: trumpet style, check!  lace, check!  long stunning train, check!  sparkle, check!  funky-cool belt, check!!  I love love love it!  Totally ready to “say yes to the dress” but…. must wait for mom!  Mom & Dad are making a Dress-shopping-trip-to-Raleigh next weekend – this is when we will purchase my dress!  So we will have to wait for Dress Shopping – part deux!

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