The Couple ... & their Pup

Megan and Brian are two of the sweetest and funnest people we’ve had the opportunity to work with. Premier’s Nicole Conder planned their wedding and worked with them for over a year. And she loved every minute. Not only were they focused on what would make them happy on their big day, they were intent on finding a wedding venue that would allow their beloved dog to be a featured player. Brian is an independent online seller, but he’s also a DJ, so the fun built as the wedding plans did. So many great details were a part of this couple’s day, from the pup to the venue to the special moments created by their selection of vendors. These two, plus their little “Flower Dog” made it more than their wedding day on June 1, 2019. It was special for those who love them too. The proof is in the images. Ladies and gentlemen out there planning a wedding: focus on the elements that matter the most to you and you will not be sorry. It will almost always come down to the people you love the most and being surrounded by the things that make you crazy happy.

A First Look

Whether you love the idea or not, First Look images always tell a story of affection and awe. Or maybe “gasp” is the right word. For the first time, the groom gets to take in his wife-to-be and the couple privately share a moment that belongs to no one else. Every time, it just happens to us all over again – that first moment of impact that appears on the groom’s face. We’re not cynical about this, folks. Megan and Brian took their First Look photos and other shots with the bridesmaids and groomsmen at the Capitol Building in Raleigh and they stuck the landing.

The Ceremony

So, clearly these two opted for a big church wedding.
Or not. 

Nope. In fact, they said their vows at Market View, where Wolfe Street was blocked off for ThemeWorks and other vendors to set up, and the bride was escorted down the “aisle” of buildings and perfect summer sunlight. 

Getting Ready for "I Do"

For these two and their attendants, getting ready meant time caffeinating, getting hair and make-up just right, fixing ties and then taking images as a party at the Capital Building.

The Details

Nothin’ to see here….. just a fabulous wall of donuts. We told you these two had fun following them around. 

The Reception

Like the ceremony, the reception was held at Market View and the DJ, Donut Wall, Keep Smiling photo booth and excellent music made it memorable. Tracks for the parents, wedding party and couple included Madonna’s Vogue, Earth, Wind & Fire’s Shining Star, The Chainsmoker’s Something Just Like This, and Jesse Glynne’s Hold My Hand.
The reception moved indoors and Megan’s Maid of Honor gave one of the best toasts that we’ve ever heard. We can be tough critics and it goes in the top 3. 


The Big Finish

For these two, and their nearest and dearest, the big send off included bubbles, lights, a husband dipping his new bride and lots of singing, hugging and laughter around 10:30 pm. They came, they saw, they said “I Will Forever” and they left happy. 
And so did we.

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Vendor info:
Wedding & Reception Venue: Market View
Florals & Decor: 
English Garden & ThemeWorks
CateringCook Shack Catering
Officiant: Kayelily Middleton
Wedding Hair by Liz
All Around DJ
RentalsCE Rentals
PhotographerSarah Morrel Photography
VideographerJon Warlick Video
Photo Booth: Keep Smiling
Triangle Corporate Coach
Wedding Planners
: Premier Party Planners

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