Yes, we are still living through a pandemic, and that has changed everything. As we planned Mallory and Tanner’s big day many many months ago, we realized that their’s would not only be a stunner of a wedding, but that the choices Mallory made were completely on point with Premier Party Planners’ brand. Our colors, point of view and various aesthetic preferences turned out to Mallory’s as well. It was as if we made the choices ourselves. 

Flash forward to July of this year, and everything felt sideways. We’re pros, however and they still wanted to get married, so we had to make adjustments. The couple’s goal was to make sure that everything was safe, people stayed healthy and we were optimistic that ultimately this pair would leave married and happy. And so it was.

The Pre-Ceremony Prep

The First Look

We love a first look moment between bride and groom, but this one with Mallory and her father is so incredibly sweet. He is clearly as proud of her as she is moved in the moment. 

Flowers & Ladies

The Ceremony

The Fairytale Details

Mallory had a vision from the beginning, inspired by a social media influencer. She wanted a Southern Fairytale wedding with soft colors and striking flower arrangements. Her love of this person’s wedding locked in many of the choices made for Mallory and Tanner’s big day. Even with all of the changes we need to make, the details and elegance were unmistakeable. 

The Couple

While not every aspect planned for their big day was possible, Mallory and Tanner did have the most important elements present: their families, their dogs (the little white one is Mallory’s and the black one is Tanner’s), their friends who could make it and they had each other. We were able to coordinate a drive-by parade for guests who just wanted to wave and blow kisses, which was incredibly sweet. 

We know a micro-wedding was not their intention, but it was a beautiful day and we are so happy they were able to pull it off. 
Congratulations and best wishes to the newlyweds!

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